Chris McQueen

McQueen LLC is a sole proprietorship of Chris McQueen.

Services & Projects

Innovation Workshops

While working at Google as part of the Cloud team's executive briefing office and in conjunction with the Office of the CTO, I worked with hundreds of companies to develop unique innovation strategies that produced measurable results. I've since made the workshop available through a hands on learning experience. Your leadership team can start to unlock a set of shared values and processes that enable innovation in any environment.

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Glenwood Flags

Working with youth and nonprofits is something I enjoy. My local youth group has run a flag posting fundraiser and was looking to improve their operations. I worked with the leadership team to streamline the service project and provide online billing. I also manage support and logistic channels. It's a great project that helps local youth attend summer camps with little or no financial impact on families. The youth get an opportunity to work and the community gets a patriotic and beautiful service that is a source of pride to the neighborhoods that participate.

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Loess Hills Makerspace

I am one of the board of directors for the Loess Hills Makerspace, a nonprofit community program that provides tools and resources for building and crafting. Classes are offered and custom woodworking services are provided by local retirees.

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Iowa Gravel Series

Started in 2020 with the Glenwood Gravel Grinder, I've helped produce a series of gravel bicycle races across the state of Iowa with the goal to promote fitness, adventure, and encourage Iowans to get on a bike and explore their state.

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